Here are bios of Sky Lark people who are running workshops at the festival. We will upload these as and when we engage people for the creativity programme. We will add bios and details of workshops and services offered as we build towards our launch event in November 2015.

We are also currently gathering a team of artists and educators available to run ongoing community workshops. Please do contact us if you are an artist / teacher / tutor / facilitator and you are interested in joining us.

Contact: brewdrawing@gmail.com

Angie Brew – Drawing Growth

Kathleen Dutton has been practicing meditation for over 30 years, exploring meditation from different cultures and faiths around the world. Her focus is now Raja Yoga. A visual artist who loves mediation, visualisation and mindfulness working for corporate companies, charities and community groups. This November 2015 she will combine art and mediation in a series of workshops at the Southbank Festival of Creativity.



Jennifer Dutton, Artist who has a passion for gardens, health and wellbeing, and who also specializes in workshops with children of all ages.




Esther Bunting Spirited Bodies

Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Jack Harrison have been developing a new yoga school: Celtic School of Yoga.

Uma & Nirlipta Dinsmore-Tuli – run the Total Yoga Nidra Foundation



Sheena Phillips is an experienced song leader, music director and composer.  She is available to bring improvisational music, songwriting and/or group singing to your workplace on a regular basis if you are interested.


Skylark Galleries www.skylarkgallerries.com

2015 Festival of Creativity participants

Lyndons Arts Trust was formed as a charity in 1996 by a group of artists working in the community, who focused their projects on supporting children and young people in socially deprived areas of London. Over time the Trust has been involved in many initiatives, including work with prisoners, projects for children and adults with learning difficulties, collaboration with street dance and theatre groups, and a Jubilee Celebration exhibition at Kensington Palace. Currently the Trust focuses on working with children and young people, focusing on three main subjects: “Identity”, “Conservation” and “The History of the City”, which, brought together, help children and volunteers learn about themselves, their community and their cultural heritage.


Shoshana Rose Stern is an up and coming Performance Artist who focuses on experience, emotions and the human body. She has a B.A. in Fine Arts and is currently undertaking her Masters in Art Therapy under the auspices of the NHS. In the past year she has worked with a theatre company who produced a show based on The Liberation Project which performed at The Place in Euston, Edinburgh  Fringe 2015 and the Vault Festival, Waterloo 2015. Shoshana has also worked with the International musician Andreea Verde and her team. Shoshana jointly produced a song with them for a whole album inspired by the Liberation Project. She has collaborated with many cutting edge London artists, all of them working with the Liberation Project as their inspiration. Her most recent work outside of The Liberation Project is her curatorial and joint management of the community project centre in Dalston, called The Hive.

The Oxford dictionary definition for liberation is ‘Freedom from limits on thought or behaviour’. This is the basis of what Shoshana hopes to achieve throughout her workshops. The Project focuses on positive transformation through nudity. We liberate ourselves by shedding our outer layers, our clothing.  As our clothing is removed some participants chose to voice the psychological shift they are experiencing. Others remain silent lost in their own wonderment. We are able to feel, using our senses in  a childlike, more instinctual way. We feel truly Liberated, at peace with others and ourselves and blissfully happy.



The Liberation Project 


Robin Whitmore is interested in making local history accessible and exciting through the creation of detailed hand drawn maps which reveal social patterns of change. His latest maps have been generated at two Kennington libraries with input from the local communities. Throughout the Festival he will be showing one intricate map which illustrates how the modern day nature of the iconic LGBT pub, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, has been informed by the history of its environment.

rvt map



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